Delivering trust through the entire supply chain

At Secure Thingz, we believe the best practice for keeping next-generation IoT products safe is to enforce a ‘zero trust’ approach throughout the complete supply chain, creating a Supply Chain of Trust. 

This Supply Chain of Trust spans the whole ecosystem, and includes:

       OEM product developers

       Silicon vendors

       Embedded software companies

       Programming solution developers

       Contract manufacturers 

       Update service providers

In the Supply Chain of Trust, each step in the process depends upon the security of the previous step. 

Secure Thingz has a family of products to enable you to implement your own Supply Chain of Trust, to embed security from product inception, and to manage devices for their complete lifecycle. This includes Embedded Trust, a security development environment providing streamlined security development to provide the low-level trust anchors and secure services needed for trustworthy IoT solutions; the Guardian product family for secure provisioning, secure programming and secure manufacturing, enabling high-mix, high-volume production globally; and Secure Deploy, a high-security framework, for simple management of critical intellectual property within the development process.

Secure Programming Services thumbnail

Secure Programming Services

At Secure Thingz, we partner with our distributors who can provide secure programming facilities at many locations worldwide. Using security tools designed by Secure Thingz, secrets such as keys and configuration data can be securely injected into both secure elements and micro-controllers with complete confidence and assurance to our customers that their secrets are not seen by anyone other than the customer themselves. 

The use of a secure programming ...

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Embedded Trust

Security is no longer optional—it’s a matter of trust. Whether it is protecting intellectual property, ensuring critical infrastructure, or managing the product lifecycle, security is a crucial success factor for companies providing embedded technology.

By establishing trust as part of your development process, you can ensure that critical intellectual property is protected against overproduction and counterfeiting, that software releases and updates are robustly managed, and that your customers ...

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The Guardian Product Family

Secure production of devices is the cornerstone of securing the Internet of Things, and whether you need to produce 100 or 100,000, Secure Thingz and its partners have developed solutions for your requirements.

Secure Thingz, in partnership with Data I/O, the leading programming machine vendor, have developed the Data I/O SentriXTM platform that integrates physical devices handling with the Guardian provisioning solutions to enable high-mix, high-volume ...

Secure Deploy Architecture thumbnail

Secure Deploy Architecture

Security requires a holistic approach, touching every part of device architecture, system design, production, deployment, and life cycle management.

It is only through the alignment of the participants across the supply chain that makes it possible to produce secure solutions.

The Secure Deploy architecture has been designed to enhance and simplify security implementations across the life cycle of product creation, manufacture, and management. This enables organizations to build upon secure ...