Delivering secure devices for the IoT is a major challenge. The potential for third parties to remotely seize control of applications, feed in false data, or harvest mission critical information is rapidly becoming the largest issue for modern electronic systems. Similarly, within the modern manufacturing ecosystem, there exists issues around intellectual property theft, counterfeiting, the management of high-value data, and the flow of deliverables between stakeholders.

Secure Thingz and its partners recognize that enabling the security needed to support robust IoT growth takes collaboration among silicon vendors, OEMs, and other members of the supply ecosystem for easier delivery and implementation through an end-to-end solution that starts with secure elements and secure MCUs, and incorporates secure development, manufacturing and downstream provisioning. 

Secure Thingz is working closely with industry-leading providers of secure elements and secure MCUs to deliver secure devices for the IoT.

Supporting Secure Microcontroller Families


The SAM L11 low-power 32-bit MCU are targeted for use in IoT and security, low power, capacitive touch and general-purpose embedded control applications.


The Synergy MCU family is designed for end applications ranging from connected mobile devices for the IoT market to high-performance embedded systems controllers.


The RX family consists of 32-bit MCUs that realize both high performance and low power consumption, and is well suited to address the needs of secure embedded applications for the IoT.


The STM32H7 series features high-performance MCUs with the Arm® Cortex®-M7 core.

PSoC 6

The ultra-low-power PSoC6 MCU architecture offers the processing performance needed for IoT devices.

Supporting Secure Elements and Secure Authentication ICs

Deep Cover

DeepCover embedded security ICs deliver strong protection against invasive physical attacks. 

OptigaTM Trust

The OPTIGA™ Trust product family addresses individual needs in the field of embedded authentication. 


A71CH is a ready-to-use secure element for IoT devices providing a root of trust at the IC level.