The Guardian Product Family

Secure production of devices is the cornerstone of securing the Internet of Things, and whether you need to produce 100 or 100,000, Secure Thingz and its partners have developed solutions for your requirements.

Secure Thingz, in partnership with Data I/O, the leading programming machine vendor, have developed the Data I/O SentriXTM platform that integrates physical devices handling with the Guardian provisioning solutions to enable high-mix, high-volume production within programming houses globally. 

The SentriXTM platform, integrating the Guardian appliance, provides a secure enclave within even the most insecure environment. This solution enables OEMs to direct their production demands and provisioning credentials to the Guardian, which then creates a dynamic secure pathway to the device being programmed. The device subsequently decrypts the application and credentials on-chip to provide a fully secure design-to-deployment pathway, eradicating cloning, over-production, grey manufacturing, IP theft, and malware injection.

The Guardian provisioning system is integrated into the SentriXTM programming platform available globally from Data I/O. 

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