According to ABI Research, by 2022, an estimated 70 percent of the world’s 57 billion connected devices will be targeted for the IoT, yet today, less than four percent of new devices have embedded security. Analysts estimate in the next couple of years 25 percent of cyberattacks will target IoT devices, and that could have serious ramifications for certain markets, where incoming threats and system vulnerabilities can result in life-threatening or high-risk situations. Embedded applications in specific markets also need to remain secure across their lifecycle and comply with forthcoming legislation.

Secure Thingz’s products and security solutions are well-suited for specific markets, such as Industry 4.0, smart infrastructure, critical national infrastructure and smart consumer, that are poised to capitalize on the robust growth of the IoT.

Industry 4.0 thumbnail

Industry 4.0

Customers are using your products to ‘digitally transform’ their factories and industrial plants, installing thousands of devices to connect their systems to networks and reap the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Smart Infrastructure

Everything is going ‘smart’. Smart buildings, smart lighting, smart cities. We all know about the benefits, but what happens if nodes or devices on the network are attacked by a virus or malware?

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Critical Infrastructure

Governments around the world are highly aware of the potential threats to national security from cyberattacks on critical national infrastructure.

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Smart Consumer

Consumers are increasingly expecting more information and more connectivity for their electronics products. Whether its connected wearables, gadgets, toys or healthcare devices, all have their own challenges as far as security is concerned.