So just how do you embed security into a device?

You’ve established a security policy and a chain of trust. You’ve now given your device a strong unique identity, so that it can be authenticated in an IoT network. So what next?

Why we need a ‘secure by design’ approach to IoT security

A UK government report on improving cyber security of consumer Internet of Things sends a clear message that industry needs to take IoT security seriously.

Webinar: Ensuring your IoT investment is secure

The first installment in the Secure Thingz webinar series. Understand the potential of the IoT market and the risks to growth.

FTC: Manufacturers need to protect devices

The US Federal Trade Commission says companies need to do more to ensure security is built into an IoT-connected product, both in development and manufacturing, and through ongoing updates through a product's life.

You’ve Been Hacked! Now What?

Attacks on connected devices will only get worse and more sophisticated, with plenty of potential entry points impacting device security. If an IoT security incident occurs, this paper provides insights into steps to take.

Delivering High-Mix, High-Volume Secure Manufacturing

This paper describes how to establish a supply chain of trust, create a root of trust and a solution for secure provisioning and programming of Secure Elements and Secure MCUs.


Adding Security to Your Workflow to Deliver Trustworthy IoT Solutions

A look at how to manage keys and certificate structures and enable secure software updates using a secure boot manager.


Secure Your Application from Design to Deployment

This presentation outlines a holistic approach to security requirements for IoT devices, including certificate structures and methodology for developing certificate hierarchy.


IoT Perspective - From Design to Life Cycle Management

Currently, few IoT OEMs use root of trust-based hardware when developing their products. With growing visibility of IoT cyberattacks, this white paper introduces secure provisioning and manufacturing.


IoT Security: The Keys to Establishing a Supply Chain of Trust

The “supply chain of trust” includes silicon vendors, embedded software companies, programming solutions providers, and OEMs. This white paper looks at establishing a “zero trust” approach.


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