Senior Full Stack Developer

We are looking for a passionate Senior Full Stack Developer to help us deliver a portfolio of new SaaS applications!

You’ll be joining a new product development team with a high degree of autonomy, at the start of these projects. Working to Agile, Lean and Continuous Delivery principles. You will be responsible for crafting, deploying and iterating single-page applications. You will define our cloud-native technology stack and engineering processes, including analytics, testing and releasing.

Rapidly prototyping, learning from, and improving these products through running experiments and measuring user behaviour will be a major part of this role, before advancing features to production.

The role will have a 50/50 split between front end and back end.

Required Skills:

• Experience with front-end JS Frameworks e.g. React, Vue, etc.

• Write clean, maintainable HTML5, CSS3, JS ES6

• Turning wireframes and user flows into applications

• At least one back-end stack, preferably .NET/ASP.NET

• Designing useable and maintainable APIs

• Familiarity with at least one major cloud IaaS platform e.g. GCP, AWS, Azure

• Building serverless web applications

• Setting up efficient CI/CD workflows

Desired Skills:

• Web application security, including key management

• Instrumentation of site usage using analytics tools

• Test-driven development

• Use of feature flags to control feature releases and run A-B experiments.

About you:

• You thrive in team environments 

• You are happy to work in small teams

• You work smarter not harder and look for ways to improve processes