Embedded RX Software Developer

This position will be part of a high-energy, skilled development team and be responsible for developing embedded system software on Renesas RX and other MPU/MCU systems (Arm, etc.) that form the foundation of our Secure HSM system and/or Secure Boot / Secure Update solutions that are part of our Embedded Trust product.  The role involves developing MCU-based embedded software, developing and running unit test cases and debugging the software.  Experience with using security / crypto functions is very beneficial, but not required.  As we are a small company, you will have varied responsibilities and should be flexible with your work assignments.  We want team members that have the drive, ambition, and ability to do what is needed towards on-time delivery.

This position will report directly to the Sr. Software Development Manager.

Education & Qualifications

University degree (or equivalent qualification) in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science.

Skills and Experience:

·         Degree: BSCS/MSCS or BSEE/MSEE 

·         Excellent knowledge of embedded C and embedded MCU software development tools
(IDE’s (IAR Workbench, etc), Git, Jira, etc)

·         Must have Renesas RX MCU knowledge and prior RX software development experience

·         3 to 5 years or more prior experience with embedded system software development

·         Experience and understanding of microcontrollers (Renesas, ARM, etc)

·         Understanding of communications protocols (Sockets, TCP/IP, etc)

·         Familiar with RTOS concepts or similar

·         Understanding of security / crypto functions is desirable, but not mandatory, as there will be ample opportunity to learn on the job.

·         Demonstrable experience of on-time delivery of quality systems