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Secure Thingz, Inc. is the domain expert in security, micro-controllers and embedded systems. The company is focused on delivering advanced security solutions into the emerging Industrial Internet of Things, critical infrastructure, automotive and other markets. The Secure Deploy™ architecture has been developed to solve the major security issues challenging the IoT. Our solution ensures a cost-efficient root of trust in low-cost microcontrollers to deliver a core set of critical services through the product lifecycle, alongside secure deployment, production and update infrastructure.

Krishna Anne

President & CEO

A seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. Krishna has held senior engineering, marketing, business and corporate development roles at public companies and startups.

Haydn Povey

Founder & CTO

A trusted security expert and board member of the IoT Security Foundation, Haydn has held senior management roles at leading global technology companies for over 20 years, including more than 10 years at ARM.

Steve Pancoast

VP of Engineering

With a continuous focus on innovation, Steve has directed large, multi-national R&D organizations and managed the development of award-winning hardware and software products, from concept through production.


Secure Deploy Architecture

The Secure Deploy™ architecture is an advanced integrated solution for delivering the Supply Chain of Trust. The Secure Deploy architecture has been designed to enhance and simplify security implementations across the lifecycle of product creation, manufacture, and management. This enables organizations to build upon secure foundations to protect their intellectual property across the life cycle of their products.

The Secure Deploy architecture, which features a high-security framework, ensures simple management of critical intellectual property within the development process, secure key management targeted for development, manufacturing and applications (“Root of Trust”). The architecture integrates into tier-1 programming and manufacturing systems, eliminating over-production and counterfeiting through constrained device programming.

The Citadel Product Family

Secure Thingz engages with silicon vendors and OEMs to enable Citadel security solutions, a set of secure boot management functionality that operates within the lowest-level control domains to secure the device from the ground up.

The Citadel firmware encompasses critical, low-level functionality to provide anchors within the Root of Trust. It integrates onto the core cryptographic hardware to ensure credentials (keys and certificates) can be managed and stored correctly, across the critical phases of factory provisioning, operational start-up, and patching and remediation cycles.

The Guardian Product Family

Secure production of devices is the cornerstone of securing the IoT, and the Guardian product family offers solutions for secure provisioning, secure programming and secure manufacturing, enabling high-mix, high-volume production globally.

The Guardian solutions inject secure loaders, keys and certificates into the system to define an immutable identity and provide the Root of Trust for a secure IoT device. The keys are set at application mastering and enforced throughout the production flow. Provisioning may be applied at the silicon vendor or at trusted programming centers. 


To drive the “Supply Chain of Trust,” Secure Thingz delivers a high-security, cryptographic framework that ensures stakeholder alignment across OEM, silicon vendor, programming centre, contract manufacturer, and end users. Secure Thingz has innovation and technology alliances with key players across the Supply Chain of Trust, which provides immediate access to approximately 40 percent of the design and manufacturing markets.

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